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Trees under Attack

It seems that everywhere in Southern California trees are suffering. Water stress, climate change, and poor pruning practices all contribute to make our trees hyper susceptible to insects and disease. Luckily, many of these invaders can be stopped.


Sometimes the answer is as simple as installing mulch and adjusting irrigation practices. Creating an environment that is optimum for your tree is the main key to long term plant health and pest prevention. There are exceptions to this rule, however, especially where newly introduced species of pests become invasive. Examples of invasive tree pests in Southern California can be found below. Some situations may warrant immediate action to reduce plant stress. Fertilizers, pH adjusters, fungicides, pesticides, lures, repellants, and traps can all be responsibly deployed to get your tree pest free and on the road to recovery. Below, we will discuss a few of the nastier tree pests. We hope it will help you to further understand your leafier family members, and their individual needs.

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